Kichanga White Sands

Babl Kichanga 007

The client dr. Kühnhanss.

Babl Kichanga 15

Kichanga am Indischen Ozean.

Babl Kichanga 027 170404 122215

Gift for the Zanzibar ministry of tourism…

Project for a hotel complex in Kichanga, Zanzibar. Our client, dr. Kühnhanss, a back out philosopher and writer, tried hard to gain a  permission for the development of a vacant plot situated in the south east of the island. For this reason, to convince him  and in special the ministry of Zanzibar Tourism, we had to work out a  plan with referential, comprehensible images and engaged all possible  clichés of ‘exotism’. Zanzibar is worldwide the most popular  honeymoon destination which meant that we had to generate a Heterotopia in it’s purest form.

Outstanding experience in communication was the way how to deal with difficult meetings with the public authorities. To grease discussions, we were said to hand over gifts. The client was as an example once informed that the minister of tourism desired intensely a water pump for her garden pond. As a result, besides project material, our luggage was full of bizarre items leading to kafkaesque discussions with the customs at the airport of Tanzania. Despite those precious donations, the project failed. Probably due to the size of the fountain pump as our disappointed minister perhaps once frequented Geneva during her holidays…?

Babl Kichanga 025

Der Strand - Ist Zustand.

Babl Kichanga 022


Babl Kichanga 004 170407 070553

Ein Wasserlauf gliedert das Gelände.

Babl Kichanga 037 170405 055812

Gewürzinsel Zanzibar, duftende Nelken im Hinterwald des Gartens.

Babl Kichanga 005

Der Zugangssteg.

Babl Kichanga 031

Holzkonstruktion & Raffia Schilffdeckung.

Babl Kichanga 039

Die Zementböden glänzen wie Spiegel.

Babl Kichanga 023

Wilder Welness Wald, Detail.

Babl Kichanga 039 170404 120008

Das Tarzan Universum.

Babl Kichanga 040 170404 120008 1

Zanzibar ist die weltweit grösste ‘Honeymoon-Destination’.

Babl Kichanga 038 170404 120008 1

Die Tarzan & Jane Hütte in Disneyland, Urtypus der Tree Lodge.

Babl Kichanga 010

Tree lodge

Babl Kichanga 009

Tree lodges

Babl Kichanga 040

Die Swahilihütte hoch oben innen.

Babl Kichanga 038

Die Beach Lodges haben was von den

Hochpfotkrebsen am Strand…

Babl Zanzi2

Der Zugang ist gedeckt.

Babl Kichanga 021

Beach lodge

Babl Kichang 030

Stark duftendes Ausstellungsmodell.

Babl Kichanga 008

Beach Lodges

Babl Kichanga 002