Planche Inférieure

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Depuis le site, la cathédrale reste toujours présente

Competition project for an old gas plant in the medieval part of Fribourg on the bancs of the river Sarine. Just beside the site there are two ‘Werkhöfe’ (‘warft’s’ somehow) of the 16th century for the production of floats. Floating platforms to transport goods and cereals in a one way direction down the river with destination Aare – Rhein – and after that – theoretically – the North Sea. This gave us the idea to see this industrial waste land as a container terminal site, or more as a float harbour. Houses waiting patiently once to drift to the ocean.

Planche Inf Radeau

Radeau en fleuve.

Rotterdam Container

Rotterdam Container Terminal.

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Grace à la coupe, chaque rangée garde une vue vers la falaise ensoleillé.

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La coupe, les séjours se trouvent en haut.

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La toiture terrasse.

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