Maison Martin

Concise Avant 170608 100544 1

La grange 16ème avant travaux.

Alexandre’s uncle, living in Mexico with wife and children, working with the Chiappa indians, asked us to reconverse a horse barn of the 16th century situated on the property of the family in Concise at the lake of Neuchâtel. Once finished, they would reinstall their lives in Switzerland. This meant, before the e-mail existance, that our communication in distance was based on air post paper lettre exchange. Each time we recieved a reaction by the postman of our project proposal we could smell through the envelop the mexican jungle and this gave to the whole project a strange touch of exotism within an existing traditional construction culture. Our idea was to use the existing rigour of the wooden structure at the inside and to strengthen them with brick walls to create three tranches, each with different hights. Beside the great coach entries, the few small existing windows forced the project to use enfilades to lighten the inner parts of the plan.

01 Concise Fû T Web

La grange 16ème avant travaux, la traverse centrale.

01 Concise R Shaker Web

Une traverse des Shaker.

Concise Plan
Concise Chantier

Le chantier, deux murs structurant l’espace.

Concise Coupe
Babl 002 Concise 8

Séjour, cuisine, dilatation & distribution.

Babl 002 Concise 9