Pavillons de la Rade

Babl Rade 029 170331 160058
Babl Rade 036

L’assasinat de Sisi sur la Rade.

For us the cruel stabbing of Sisi on the Rade of Geneva in 1898, was disreputable and dolorous of course, but seen with touristical eyes, highly romantic. This important moment in history of the Rade inspired us to charge the pavillons with a memorable touch of nostalghia. The Rade is somehow an extension on both side of the lake of the picturesque english garden edified in the same period as Sisi’s passage. In our eyes the pavillons should transport this relationship to time and space by it’s form and materialisation.

Bronze is a typical public material mostly used for sculptures. The Rade is already full of it, souvenirs of monumental moments in history. We discovered as well small infrastructural wooden constructions on old photographs of the Rade. Those buildings were all perpendicular to the shore and were covered with double pitched roofs. We took over the romantic longitudinal form and tried, with this very common form, to lift the expression by a materialisation in bronze which make them more extravagant, more monumental. One prototype for ice cream was constructed and cladded with prepatinated bronze sheets. Over 5 years during the summertime the prototype was located on the rade. During winter it served temporarily as well as a methadon spending station for drug addicts in the suburbs of Geneva.

Babl Rade 014

L’implantation des pavillons.

Rade Ge 4

Romulus & Remus / Gomulus & Genus. On se nourit sous la bronze..

Babl Rade 016

Le bronze, substance publique..

Babl Rade 013

Sisi devant le pavillon.

Babl Rade 011

Même module,

different tâches…

Babl Rade 018
Babl Rade 035 170331 160623 1

Plan d’un pavillon de glaçe.

Babl Rade 038 170331 160658


Babl Rade 033

Détail en haut.

Babl Rade 032

Détail en bas. Le pavillon s’adapte au niveaux.

Babl Rade 001 170331 160828

La sous structure,

Babl Rade 006

est revêtue de laiton bronze.

Babl Rade 002

Le patinage,

Babl Rade 004

trempez exactement

23 secondes…

Rade Ge 3

Il arrive…

14 Rade Ge 02 Ausschnitt H
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