Bützbergstrasse    ongoing

Babl Bü Tz 00

Das Metzgerhaus.

Urban densification study for a triangle form lot in Langenthal. Two new volumes are added and the third, an existing green-red painted butcher house extended in height will have an extension with an even higher element, to mark the start of a new area of the city and to confirm a spatial void. The two new volumes are lower towards the street and are gaining capacity in surface and height in the garden. To reduce the size of the portions, we will apply for all buildings the same subdivision in red & green as the butcher’s house.

Babl Bü Tz 12
Babl Bü Tz 161

Die dreieckige Form der Parzelle links.

Babl Bü Tz 11
Babl Bü Tz 131
Babl Bü Tz 132
Babl Bü Tz 133
Babl Bü Tz 134
Babl Bü Tz 10
Babl Bü Tz 15
Babl Bü Tz 14
Babl Bü Tz 17

Bauherr: Stephan Anliker, Ducksch-Anliker, Langenthal / Zürich.