Maison Boris

Babl Membrez 22

Eh hop!  La sauvagerie est domestiquée..

Little house for a graphic designer situated in the vineyards above Sion in the Valey. We set the house on a big foot parallel to the vine planting geometry, however, the vector of the majestic view in the direction of the Rhône was slightly another perspective. This is the reason why one side is cut with a ‘corrective angle’, producing a little complexity and impulse for decisions in the organisation of the plan and section. The terrace seems to be the only imprint on the precious “terroir” and gives the image of the construction something temporary. It could be that the house hops like a rabbit further on…

Babl Membrez 06


Babl Membrez 02


Babl Membrez 03


Babl Membrez Breughel 1

Bruegel reprend le geste…

Sans Titre 2
Babl Membrez 14 170406 094219

La base de la maquette se trouve à la sciérie..

Babl Membrez 030
Babl Membrez 032

Un acte de balance.

Babl Membrez 09
Babl Membrez 10
Babl Boris 33

Drawing made by the students of Jo Tailleu epfl

Babl Boris 34

Model made by the students of Jo Tailleu epfl

Babl Membrez 15
Babl Membrez 08
Babl Membrez 20

En bas

Babl Membrez 18

Vers le haut.

Babl Membrez 05


Babl Membrez 19
Babl Membrez 11

Les feuilles d’un figuier cachent l’intimité.

Babl Membrez 13

Il y habite…