Sulzerareal Giesswerk II

Babl Sulzer 002

Competition entry for a housing densification in the Sulzerareal. The idea was to consider the existing crane rails as geometry for the new housing blocks. The contour of the upper part is interrupted with gaps, a way that even in the middle of the setting long vistas for the central apartments are guaranteed. The materialisation is contaminated by the brick and steel elements of the historic industrial environment.

Babl Sulzer 007
Babl Sulzer 006

Erdgeschoss mit gassenartigen Durchgängen.

Babl Sulzer 005

In den Obergeschossen spielen sich Türmchen frei.

Babl Sulzer 004
Babl Sulzer 003
Babl Sulzer 001

Betonstruktur mit einer gelben Backsteinverkleidung wie die meiste Bauten vom Areal.